My name is Vidhi Juthani and I’m a certified Baby Planner and a Sleep consultant through the International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI). I’ve been with the IPHI for quite some time, so far successfully completing three certifications through them.  I would like to take this opportunity to express that Mar De Carlo, IPHI’s founder,  has been nothing but a wonderful mentor. She and IPHI taught me that every aspect of our daily routine can affect not only our physical health, but emotional health, sleep and overall well being in a way that it is now ingrained in my system. I cannot emphasize enough how well the courses are put together and the effort behind it shows in all the various case studies we follow. Mar and IPHI supports their students tremendously and helps them every step of the way. Thank you Mar and thank you IPHI for doing this wonderful work of spreading awareness on maternal and child’s health and empowering students like me to help others.
Thank you once again Mar.
Vidhi Juthani
Masters in Food Science & Technology