Mar De Carlo, founder and CEO, is a first generation Hispanic-American international entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker, curriculum developer, actress and mentor to parenting, health, fitness and lifestyle professionals. She is the mother of two children and has over 25 years of training and experience coaching groups and individuals from all walks of life to help them overcome a variety of health and business challenges. She has pioneered several successful training programs & international businesses. 

She is the founder of:

  • International Parenting & Health Institute
  • Holistic Coach Education-Advanced Training for Holistic Professionals
  • Holistic Science of Sleep Method
  • Association of Professional Sleep Consultants
  • International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals
  • Business Sanctuary
  • Physical Awakening – Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance
She is an avid researcher and holistic educator with an abundance of training and experience in the health, fitness, parenting, business and expressive arts industries. She is known for her innovative curriculum development and creative, cutting edge and integrative approach connecting and bridging systems in a variety of industries across the globe that have transformed thousands of lives in 61 countries in 9 languages with high quality evidenced based holistic programs since 2009.

Mar’s extensive background and accomplishments are rich and diverse. She brings a wealth of talent as an International Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Artist, Holistic Educator, Curriculum Developer, Author, Health, Life & Business Coach, Baby Planner, Adult, Pregnancy and Child Sleep Coach, Dancer, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Stress Management Coach, Singer, Actress and Mother with a multitude of certifications, training, management under her belt.

Having worked for many small and large companies directly with customers and behind the scenes in operations and management, Mar also educates and trains professionals to start, expand and grow businesses that transform lives through a unique holistic integrative approach which she introduced and pioneered to all the companies she has founded. This includes supporting professionals to personally develop and overcome challenges while accomplishing their business, personal and financial goals. Clients enjoy working with her because of her strong optimistic mindset, boundless energy, practical solutions and empowering holistic approach that has been proven effective and long term. Doctors, Naturopaths, Midwives, Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Behavioral Therapists are just a few examples of the many professionals, Mar has trained. In addition, she is also highly skilled with professional industry standards, scope and boundaries to practice and business mastery.
  • Group Teaching Experience: 25 years
  • Individual Coaching Experience: 25 years
  • Research Experience: 20 years
  • Work Experience: 38 years

The Birth of IPHI

“It was one courageous decision that completely changed my life on August 7 2009. 

After arriving in Northern California, as a newly single first time mom with no friends or family close by, I made the decision to turn down a high profile client so I could remain securing my attachment with my daughter. I had $20 left in my bank account and was about to begin living off of credit cards until I figured things out. 

The decision to turn down a high profile client led me to dig deep and find a way to provide for myself and my daughter without compromising my time away from her during such a challenging time.

Three days of immense trust, I began meditating and repeating to myself that in every challenge there is an opportunity. On the third day, I received an answer with a clear vision. 

Little did I know my challenging personal journey would become my service and contribution to parents, children and professionals who work with them. 

The tremendous amount of years I spent studying and training in several fields in addition to a wealth of experience I obtained, expanded to give birth to my International Parenting & Health Institute currently represented in 61 countries.”


Mar’s academic foundation includes a bachelor’s in communication and over 25 certifications and continued education in the following industries:

  • Baby Planner
  • Pediatric Sleep Medicine
  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Corporate Coach
  • Stress Management Coach
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Pre-Postnatal Coach
  • Birth Psychology
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Law of Attraction
  • Neuroscience
  • Energy Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Dance Therapy
  • Acting
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Reiki
  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Exercise
Below are a few of Mar’s contributions to several parenting and health industries:
  • Mar introduced the first certification program to the Baby Planner professional industry and authored the first book on the baby planning industry entitled “The Baby Planner: A Guide to Becoming a Baby Planner and Starting Your Own Business.” In her book, for the first time ever, the role of a baby planner and a baby planner’s scope of practice was definitively defined. The popularity of her book resulted in a second edition entitled “The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need To Know! The Ultimate Guide and Resource For Baby Planner Professionals” that is now available in paperback. Following that she released her second book, “Green Body, Green Birth” and in 2020 she released her third book, “Awakening Through Sleep: a transformational and spiritual guide to adult, pregnancy and child sleep.”
  • Mar introduced the first Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Certification in 2012 to the Child Sleep Consultant industry training professionals and raising an incredible amount of awareness to vital stages of development pre-birth as well as important subjects that, prior to Mar, were not being considered or evaluated as part of the child sleep consultant-client relationship. This led Mar to pioneer her Holistic Science of Sleep Method for Adult & Child Sleep.
  • Mar also is the first to launch an Eco-Maternity Consultant & Greenbirth Educator certification program, expanding coaching professionals knowledge and skillset for non-toxic living.
  •  Mar became the first in to develop and launch Holistic Pre-Post Natal Coach Certification program in 2013 expanding coaching professionals holistic nutrition knowledge and skillset for working with clients throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
Mar was born and raised in a low-income home by her Hispanic immigrant family  in NYC. Growing up, she lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom, dad, brother and sister and began working from a very young age. Education became her opportunity to achieve what her parents could not. She is a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She is very passionate about providing education and practical effective tools to support others overcome their challenges especially in underresourced communities who are experiencing similar struggles to what she underwent. Mar is living proof of the power and impact of education to positively and transform and empower lives. She has overcome countless challenges throughout her life; using each as stepping stones to not only form the person she today but to also help others overcome their challenges in the most practical, holistic, sustainable, inspirational and transformative way. This is what led her to start IPHI’s non-profit sister company in support of under-resourced single moms. She is very passionate about providing holistic education and practical effective tools to support others overcome their challenges especially in underserved communities who are experiencing similar struggles to what she underwent.

Mar has been interviewed and published in a number of publications such as US News & World Report, has made a variety of television appearances including Good Morning America. She has also served as an SBDC small business adviser and a board member of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce.

She enjoys advising and coaching businesses and entrepreneurs, expressing herself through a variety of artistic avenues and developing top notch curriculum programs providing the ultimate learning experience including a powerful gateway for personal, spiritual and social growth.

Mar’s Professional Experience & Training

  • Founder of two international organizations in 2009 and 2012 respectively: International Parenting Health Institute and Association of Professional Sleep Consultants with the International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI) representing 61countries in 9 different languages.
  • Pioneered new industries, careers and certification professional training programs globally.
  • Designed and developed cutting edge professional career training programs.
  • International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals
  • Business Sanctuary
  • Physical Awakening – Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance
  • Author of “The Baby Planner Profession”, “Green Body Green Birth” and “Awakening Through Sleep”


FOUNDER/CEO, International Parenting & Health Institute  2009 – Present

Built the world’s most progressive and holistic online education organization for health and parenting professionals, with evidence-based training, practical application certification and global support at all business stages represented in 61 countries. Health Professionals and Parenting Education, Curriculum Developer, Leader and Facilitator.

FOUNDER, Association of Professional Sleep Consultants  2011 – 2018 (management and operations)

Hand-picked and trained an Executive Director and Managing Director to perform company’s operations and meet members’ needs. Devised and executed strategic and tactical action plans focused on improving financial performance, establishing long-term business growth, and building top- performing team to drive achievement of objectives.

SMALL BUSINESS ADVISOR Marin SBDC & Renaissance Center Marin  2015 – 2016

Provided small business coaching services for the SBDC in West Marin via Renaissance Center.

Fitness and Group Exercise leadership positions in Management

The Sports Club LA/Boston /The Sports Club LA/NYC / The Sports Club LA/DC

Achievements include managing staff of 70 private trainers and 45 group exercise instructors. Responsible for achieving and surpassing monthly sales goals, marketing, creating programs and training staff. Achieved the highest percentage increase in average sales per month. Increased sales, productivity and participation of classes, events and private training services.

FITNESS MANAGER  The Sports Club LA-NY/Washington DC (April-June 06)

GROUP EXERCISE/FITNESS MANAGER  The Sports Club LA-NY/Rock Center (May 2004-April 06)

ASSISTANT FITNESS MANAGER   The Sports Club LA-NY/Boston (Oct 2001-May 2004)

While, Mar never stops learning, below is a sample list of Mar’s past training and education in addition to her own research, self-study and over 25 years coaching experience:



Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mass Communications

Corporate Coach

Yoga Certifications
  • Yoga For First Responders Level I & II
  • Purusha Yoga Therapy
  • Somatic Yoga Therapy
  • 7 Centers Yoga Art 200 Hour Hatha/Tantra/Ayurveda
  • Be Yoga Restorative Yoga
  • Fitness Resource Associates ViniYoga

Reiki Certifications:

  • Reiki Peace Network Reiki Levels I and II

Personal Trainer Certifications:

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • American Council on Exercise
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • American Aerobic Association International

Group Exercise Certifications:

  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • American Aerobic Association International Cycling
  • Johnny G Cycling
  • Hydro-Fit
  • Powerflex
  • Urban Rebounding
  • Step
Pilates Instructor
  • Stott Pilates Pilates Trained Matwork & Reformer
  • American Aerobic Association International Pilates
  • The Physical Mind-Pilates Mat Certified
Sleep Certification
  • The School of Sleep Medicine-Pediatric Sleep
Health & Wellness Coach
  • Wellcoaches Margaret Moore
Stress Management
  • The Spencer Institute
  • 10-day noble silence Vipassana Meditation Discourse 05/05
Nutrition Certifications
  • CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Ann Wigmore: The Living Foods Lifestyle
Pre-Post natal Certification
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Sacred Yoga Prenatal Yoga
  • Pre-Post Natal Health Coach
  • Stella Adler
  • Lee Strasberg
  • Young Actors Space
  • Ventura Actors Studio
Continuing Education Studied & Researched Programs

Birth Psychology:  Association of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and Health

Sleep: Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra via 7 Centers and Irest
Conscious Parenting: Dr. Shefali, Hand In Hand Parenting and New Learning Culture with Carmen Gamper

Breathing:  Breathing For Maximum Results

Yoga: Yin Yoga and Chakras

Law of Attraction: Neville Goddard

Emotional Intelligence/Neuroscience/Psychoneuroimmunology/NLP: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jiddu Krihnamurti, BK Shivani, Sadhguru, Paul Chek, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Mark Wolynn, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Dr Gabor Mate, Gordon Neufeld

One on One Health Coaching/Life Coaching/Business Coaching
  • Physical Awakening                                             12/2004-Present
  • International Parenting & Health Institute        09/2009-Present
  • Private Practice                                                     2004-Present
  • Business Sanctuary                                              10/2014-Present
  • Marin SBDC                                                           2015-2016
  • The Sports Club LA                                              11/2001-12/2006
  • Healthworks                                                           1997-2003
  • Boston Body                                                          1996-1999
Group Classes, Workshops and Training
  • Physical Awakening                                             12/2004-Present
  • International Parenting & Health Institute        2009-Present
  • Hamsa Studio                                                       09/2019-Present
  • Ventura Barre & Fitness                                       01/2019-Present
  • V-Fit                                                                       10/2019-Present
  • Fairfax Womens Fitness Center                          07/2013-2016
  • SOL Studios                                                           10/2014-2016
  • The Sports Club LA/ DC                                       03/2006-11/2006
  • The Sports Club LA/ NY                                       2004-03/2006
  • The Sports Club LA/ Boston                                2001-2004
  • Healthworks, Boston MA                                     1997-2003
  • Beacon Hill Athletic Club                                     2000-2003
  • Boston Sports Club                                              2000-2003
  • Metropolitan Health Club                                    2000-2002
  • Candela Spa/Fitness, Boston MA                      1999-2000
  • Boston Body, Boston MA                                   1996-1999

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