“Mar De Carlo has knowledge in many areas, she is a great personality, a very powerful person and thanks to her engagement and talent it really brought me a lot of personal motivation and helped me set up a very good start for my business. Thanks Mar for your vision and positive approach!”

~Veronique Goldbrunner, Baby Planner and Greenproofer


“Hi Mar,

I just want to thank you for your time and patience over the last few months. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ once again for making this career of mine possible. After launching my business only a few months ago, I’ve had success after success, and am now booked up. Thank you for making this possible for me – the ability to do something I’m so passionate about, the ability to work from home while I look after our son in a career that changes people’s lives, and the ability to be my own boss (and take holidays whenever I like!).

I have found Mar’s course to be very valuable, and feel as though it’s given me a lot of the knowledge and confidence that I need to navigate this next stage in my life. I’ve put my hand to many different ventures, but never felt the same passion that I do with this, and I feel as though this course has encouraged me to use that passion effectively so that I can make a difference.

I also feel that your passion is evident throughout the course with your consistent pursuit for excellence, and striving to do things the right way.

Thank you again”

~ Chelsea Connolly Sleep Consulting


“I was experiencing deepness in my anxiety and depression that I didn’t entirely know how to address. Needless to say, my life was in something of chaos while I was in the business course course with Mar De Carlo. I disclose this, because I want to emphasize how personally transformative Mar’s coaching was for me. The simple idea of scheduling your goals into your week changed EVERYTHING for me. Your advice about constructing the perfect week — about thinking carefully about how you want your life to be, has contributed greatly to feeling more clear, more empowered, more on-the-right-path.  You’ve covered so much that it will continue to be a treasure trove for a long time to come.”

~ Kate Ditzler, Birth Professional


“I got to know Mar when I started on the IPHI Certified Baby Planner course. She was the one leading the lessons and guided me through each of my post-lesson exercises. Eventually, I approached her when I had a specific questions for my business. I booked her for a short session and the short amount of time with her was so powerful. Mar has the greatest respect for my time and made sure that I got the most value out of my experience with her regardless of the short time we had. I never looked back since. My business is growing slowly but steadily, and Mar has now become my go-to business coach that I talk to regularly to bounce off ideas, seek advice from and just learn from in general!”

~Nadia Lambrechts, Founder of 40 Weeks Baby Planning & Maternity Concierge


“Mar De Carlo has been the best connection I made and to meet her has been a great present for me and for my business. She made me open my mind and my eyes and now it is clear that my way will be that of supporting and helping women in becoming conscious and happy moms.Her guide has always been so stimulating and supportive and I really hope to be as good as her with my future clients.”

~ Michela Fratus, Baby Planner


“I feel so grateful to have Mar De Carlo as not only a business coach, but a true friend. I was just beginning my solo business as an Eating Psychology Coach when I began attending Mar’s “Business, Plan and Play” groups last year. And in attending, I quickly realized the amazing service, guidance and support that Mar provides with passion and grace. She is an inspiration simply by being who she is–a strong, compassionate, innovative woman who embodies the beautiful balance of work, play, family and life. Any time I need so advice around my business, whether it is looking over some copy, or providing heartfelt and experienced suggestions around what path to take, Mar is always willing to help. I am so excited to bare witness to the beginning process of Marin Business Sanctuary. Mar provides a much-needed flavor to the entrepreneurial experience that all of us can benefit from greatly!”

~Arielle Brown, Eating Psychology Coach



I would like to to express how much I value your Maternity & Child Sleep Certification course. Waking up early to listen and learn more about how to help families with QUALITY AND RESPECT – after 2 previous certifications – changes everything.

~Mariana Britto, Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant


Thank you so much, Mar! I am thrilled to be certified as an Integrative Adult Sleep Coach! So exciting! Can hardly wait to help adults and teens! Thanks so much for the support. Lauren, IPHI’s course support administrator has been so wonderful as well.  I look forward to completing perhaps another Health and Wellness course with IPHI.

~Diane D, Sound of Sleep Consulting Services

Dr. Sayoko Shirai

“I took the IPHI Holistic Pregnancy and Infant Sleep Consultant Qualification Course and it prepared me during medical examinations to confidently support moms and outpatientswho are suffering from sleep. The course was also was helpful to prepare the sleeping environment for my own child. I have come to always keep in mind that (not only sleep), “there are different ways to support each child and family,” and “the happiness of parents affects the child

~Dr. Sayoko Shirai

Dr. Minori Ota

“During my studies with IPHI Maternity & Child Sleep Japan, I was able to learn the fact that I didn’t know anything about my child’s sleep. I have become able to give sound  advice to parents and children who are suffering from sleep in their daily practice. By taking component two of the program, I deepened my knowledge of childcare and sleep! (Because it is not taught in medical school or pediatrics) I enjoyed IPHI Japanese instructor, Aya Aiba’s lectures! I have been positively influenced by Aya’s lifestyle,. It changed my life!”

~Dr. Minori Ota

Dr. Tsugumi Takechi

“During my studies with Maternity & Child Sleep, IPHI Japan, I learned again that there are many people who are worried about their children’s sleep, and as a mother, I no longer feel lonely when my child cries at night. As a pediatrician, I was able to sympathize with him, but I couldn’t find or propose a solution. Through IPHI, connections with people have expanded. I have come to have a holistic idea, which is the method of IPHI, even in daily medical care.”

~Dr. Tsugumi Takechi


“Mar, I would like to thank you from my heart!

We are at the end of our Maternity & Child Sleep Course and I have mixed feelings. I am proud for myself for achieving one more step at my journey but I will really miss your voice and your empowering statements. You have no idea how much you transformed my life only through recordings! I have learned so valuable things except sleep. Congratulations for the program!”

~Eleni Kantza


The Maternity and Child Sleep component two class from yesterday was excellent.  I just finished listening.  I feel like I am starting to really grasp the concept of the IPHI holistic way of doing things, and I have to tell you that I am so grateful I chose this program.  What you said in class about this being a very serious profession is so true….and I’m so grateful you have helped me to see that.  In the beginning I really wanted a very simple, straight-forward way of doing things… that seems to be the way other programs are structured, from what I can see.  But now I am just so grateful I chose to go with IPHI, because I know that myself and my clients will be much better off for me having obtained this education through you.  To be able to treat sleep problems holistically is such a gift to those I will work with…I truly feel like I am being given an opportunity not only to help families sleep better, but to help them lead healthier, happier lives.  Thank you so much for the work you do, and for being so patient with my questioning mind!  I have to say that like you, I am a skeptic by nature….and at first I wondered why everything had to be so complicated….why can’t we just get to the sleep training?? Thankfully I have come around!  I’m now totally convinced of the importance of what IMPI has to offer the sleep world.  I hope this holistic approach becomes an integral part of the overall profession in time.  Thanks again.

~Kristy C, Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant


“Hi Mar,

I wanted to express my gratitude this morning for the IPHI program and your approach to sleep.

I have been applying the foundations with my 7 month old son over the past months and working up the hierarchy of soothing and last night was the first night we withdrew hands on support to sleep and he did so well! I was dreading it because he’s such an emotive baby but he cried on and off for 15 mins while my husband sat present and supported him and then drifted off to sleep and had the best sleep of his life.

With our first we hired a consultant who jumped right to sleep training and it was such a rough couple of nights on me as a mama. Looking back so many foundational elements were off and I didn’t know any better so I’m ever so grateful on a personal level that the program has taught me so much!

I’m also on my last week of support for another baby who has been doing so great without sleep training and I’m so excited about it! Her mom is so happy with the progress and I feel so well equipped to be able to navigate all the set backs that arise.

I still feel like I have a bunch to learn but what I’ve learned so far has been great.

Thanks again for everything so far and I look forward to sharing my upcoming journey with you!”


~Ell P, Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant

Marija Sidorenko

“Anyone who would ask me if it is worth studying at IPHI,

I would answer unequivocally “Yes!” It’s worth it.”

~Marija Sidorenk, Physiotherapist

Kristina Lyubchenko

“I didn’t regret for a second that I went to study at IPHI.

This school really breaks all stereotypes and provides quality knowledge on sleep.”

~Kristina Lyubchenko


“The therapists on staff were impressed with all I know and with your program. Every doctor or mental health professional I come across here in CT seems to really love what you do and teach me.”  ~Lindsay


“Mar, I want to thank you for the time and energy you dedicate to each class and to reply to all our questions. We can feel how much you really care, and this is rare. I can say that this pregnancy and child sleep course has been a life saver for me. I was a wreck when I started and what I learned transformed my perspective of things, transformed my motherhood experience and the relationship with my son…truly. You are an inspiration!” ~Bruna


“Mar, Thank you for today’s lesson and your generosity of time with these classes. I appreciate your time, and I look forward to reviewing the class to make notes of all your expert phrasing. Phrasing, the different angles to approach the conversation and exact verbiage to ease a client into change has really never been taught to me, and I feel very lucky to have been able to cross paths with you and your teachings. I really appreciate the opportunity to pick your brain, as I am learning so much and it helps me better organize the information. This case study classes really take this certification to the next level. “


“Mar, I was just wanting to tell you something along these lines! My first 2 pregnancies I suffered from debilitating headaches and this time, because of being exposed to IPHI’s emphasis on nutrition, I was able to figure out the headaches are triggered by my diet and I’m having the best pregnancy by far!”


“Mar is both a very professional person and a great mentor. She inspires all people around her. She is naturally a great coach not only for business but also for more personal things. Thanks to her, you can feel the confidence you need to become successful. She is very rigorous and does all things with the highest professionalism. She has a passion for empowering people to become what they are. This has just no price! I have rarely met someone like Mar in my life.” ~ Isabelle Lacarce-Paumier


“Hi Mar,

I’m writing to tell you a story about something that’s happened recently and encourage you for the work you do.

I received an email from an exasperated mum of an 18 month old girl. She wanted my help, but after being to sleep school three times, plus seeing two different sleep consultants, she was obviously hesitant and skeptical. She told me that after all of that, the only things she ended up with were less money and a child who still didn’t sleep!

We had a call to talk about things in more detail and after a few minutes, alarm bells started going off for me and I knew that something wasn’t right with this little girl’s health. I suspected that she was suffering from a sleep disorder so asked a few more questions. I was puzzled to hear that she had already been checked by a paediatrician too!

Through my guidance, this mum finally found a specialist who was able to help her which is so exciting after everything that the two of them have been through.

It saddens me that this little girl slipped through the cracks for so long, but as you can imagine, this mother is thrilled as she finally feels as though she’s been listened to and thoroughly helped.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because when I’m talking to families, you are the voice in the back of my head saying, ‘don’t give advice yet – just ask questions!’ 😉 I can honestly say that THAT is why I have been so successful since starting my business, and why I’ve been able to help so many families who sleep schools and other sleep consultants couldn’t help.

Thank you for your amazing work, I encourage you to keep your high standards for sleep professionals.”

Yeliz Oktekin

“My son Deniz,  was the reason for me to take IPHI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program. When he was 5 months old, the sleep problems we experienced with frequent night awakenings and short daytime naps became very exhausting and tiring. With the support of someone offering sleep consultancy service in our area, we started applying the shared knowledge and many things started falling into place, solving our sleep problem.

After my son’s sleep started to improve, I decided to proceed on this path and, during my research to help other families, I came across the International Parenting & health Institute family. The training I received contributed greatly to my holistic approach to sleep problems and positively developing myself in this field. I would like to extend my infinite thanks to IPHI’s Turkish instructor Güliz Hanım, who shared all her knowledge and experiences with us during the training.

Thank you IPHI, I’m glad I found you. 🙂

Laura Diez

“I loved the Spanish Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant Certification course! It changed my life!”

Vanessa Sanchez

Hi Mar.
Hope you are doing well.
WoW! I’m so happy that I finally made it!
I have enjoyed the Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach Certification program very much and I am looking forward to helping a lot of women with their pregnancy.
Thank you very much for your support!
Vanessa Sanchez

Tomomi Takeda

Dear Mar,
I appreciate the opportunity to particiapte in the IPHI Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach Certification Certification program and  learning about woman’s nuturition.
I look forward to coaching women to have a healthy pregnancy, postpartum and healthy baby while expanding my business offerings.

Lyubov Akbasheva 

Thank you so much for all your support throughout my studies with the Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach Certification program! Looking forward to a bright future ahead.
Lyubov Akbasheva

Makiko Shiotani

Dear Mar,
I am very happy to have completed my IPHI PrePostNatalNutritionCoach course studies in Japanese  and to be officially certified.
I will continue to enjoy learning and a, happy to now offer a much needed service of nutrition to pregnant and postpartum moms.
Thank you for your support!
Sincerely yours,
Makiko Shiotani

Vidhi Juthani

My name is Vidhi Juthani and I’m a certified Baby Planner and a Sleep consultant through the International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI). I’ve been with the IPHI for quite some time, so far successfully completing three certifications through them.  I would like to take this opportunity to express that Mar De Carlo, IPHI’s founder,  has been nothing but a wonderful mentor. She and IPHI taught me that every aspect of our daily routine can affect not only our physical health, but emotional health, sleep and overall well being in a way that it is now ingrained in my system. I cannot emphasize enough how well the courses are put together and the effort behind it shows in all the various case studies we follow. Mar and IPHI supports their students tremendously and helps them every step of the way. Thank you Mar and thank you IPHI for doing this wonderful work of spreading awareness on maternal and child’s health and empowering students like me to help others.
Thank you once again Mar.
Vidhi Juthani
Masters in Food Science & Technology

Bahar Aydemir

“I am grateful to my IPHI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant instructor, Güliz. It was great to get to know her and very valuable that you she is representing IPHI’s Holistic Science of Sleep Method perspective to sleep training which does not use sleep training. I did not understand it at first, but now touching babies without behavioral methods is priceless and precious. Thank you very much for bringing this awareness to me. I’m glad I found IPHI, met Guliz and it’s great that IPHI represents the Turkish language training IPHI Turkish consultants and raising awareness for mothers on this path. I can’t express my feelings, this is a very valuable perspective, Thank you again.” ~ Bahar Aydemir

Nagi̇han Kostakoglu

“Hello Güliz, Since I left our last class early, I couldn’t convey my feelings, thoughts, and thanks to you for teaching the IPHI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant program in Turkish. First of all, I thank you infinitely for your attention and effort throughout the entire process. Some people may know a lot and be knowledgeable, but they may not have the performance to convey it to others. You are both highly knowledgeable and an educator who can convey it very well to us. Due to my profession, I have received many training, but I had never received such long-term and dedicated training from you and IPHI. Now, when I look back, I can see that you have tried to provide us with even the finest details, that you have really tried not to leave any gaps, and that you have tried to make us fully understand the Holistic Science of Sleep Method by Mar De Carlo. Both your courtesy, your energy, and your warm and friendly approach have made your place very special to me.  I’m glad our paths crossed.” ~Nagi̇han Kostakoglu, Psychologist

Clarisse Santos

Dear Cátia,

I found the IPHI Portuguese Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant certification program an extremely complete course, that meticulously prepares us for various case scenarios. Thank you for being an instructor always present and available to answer any questions. I always felt supported and now fully prepared upon  finishing the course. ~ Clarisse Santos


“Hi Mar,

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I finished sleep consultations with my client and he is so grateful as you can only imagine.

He almost cried during our last session and said that these holistic sleep consultations were the best investment in his life, especially after not achieving results with his doctor or therapist.

His symptoms have almost disappeared or if they come back during some nights, he now knows when he has these symptoms, how to control it and what actions during the day had an impact to cause them.

I am soooo happy that we were able to help him! Thank you very much for your support and all the help you offered with this sleep case.” ~Agne


“When I signed up to take the Holistic Pregnancy and Child Sleep Consultant Certification Course, I didn’t really know what to expect. However, it was an excellent surprise and in terms of its content it was much more complete than I was expecting. It was very rewarding to undertake this training and I feel that I gained enough knowledge to begin my professional practice in pregnancy and child sleep.” ~ Micaela

Ezgi Özsoy Tanrıkut

“As a mother who was previously directed to try behavioral sleep methods, I had the opportunity to discover, thanks to you, how valuable and delicate this process is when I saw the negative impacts it had on my son. Your contributions to my son during this process are invaluable to me.

Through an intensive program of case studies, internships, assignments, and most importantly, the extensive knowledge and professional perspective of Ms. Güliz, as taught and developed by IPHI founder, Mar De Carlo I became a Holistic Pregnancy and Child Sleep Consultant capable of understanding and evaluating sleep and all its influencing factors from a broad perspective. Meeting with Ms. Güliz every week was the most exciting part of the process for me.

In my opinion, IPHI has the most comprehensive and well-equipped training process in this field, and I am proud to say that receiving training from IPHI Turkey Instructor Güliz Özsaruhan is a privilege for a Pregnancy and Baby Sleep Consultant. I am grateful for all your support and meticulous guidance.”

Ezgi Özsoy Tanrıkut
Preschool Teacher

Ana Gabriela Garcia

“Mar De Carlo, Thank you so much for providing such a valuable learning experience through the IPHI Baby Planner course.

I truly appreciate the opportunity to earn my IPHI Baby Planner Certification, and I’m excited to put the knowledge and skills gained into practice.

I’ll definitely keep in touch and won’t hesitate to reach out for any support or guidance I may need in the future.”

~ Ana Gabriela Garcia