“As a mother who was previously directed to try behavioral sleep methods, I had the opportunity to discover, thanks to you, how valuable and delicate this process is when I saw the negative impacts it had on my son. Your contributions to my son during this process are invaluable to me.

Through an intensive program of case studies, internships, assignments, and most importantly, the extensive knowledge and professional perspective of Ms. Güliz, as taught and developed by IPHI founder, Mar De Carlo I became a Holistic Pregnancy and Child Sleep Consultant capable of understanding and evaluating sleep and all its influencing factors from a broad perspective. Meeting with Ms. Güliz every week was the most exciting part of the process for me.

In my opinion, IPHI has the most comprehensive and well-equipped training process in this field, and I am proud to say that receiving training from IPHI Turkey Instructor Güliz Özsaruhan is a privilege for a Pregnancy and Baby Sleep Consultant. I am grateful for all your support and meticulous guidance.”

Ezgi Özsoy Tanrıkut
Preschool Teacher