“Hi Mar,

I wanted to express my gratitude this morning for the IPHI program and your approach to sleep.

I have been applying the foundations with my 7 month old son over the past months and working up the hierarchy of soothing and last night was the first night we withdrew hands on support to sleep and he did so well! I was dreading it because he’s such an emotive baby but he cried on and off for 15 mins while my husband sat present and supported him and then drifted off to sleep and had the best sleep of his life.

With our first we hired a consultant who jumped right to sleep training and it was such a rough couple of nights on me as a mama. Looking back so many foundational elements were off and I didn’t know any better so I’m ever so grateful on a personal level that the program has taught me so much!

I’m also on my last week of support for another baby who has been doing so great without sleep training and I’m so excited about it! Her mom is so happy with the progress and I feel so well equipped to be able to navigate all the set backs that arise.

I still feel like I have a bunch to learn but what I’ve learned so far has been great.

Thanks again for everything so far and I look forward to sharing my upcoming journey with you!”


~Ell P, Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant