“Hi Mar,

I’m writing to tell you a story about something that’s happened recently and encourage you for the work you do.

I received an email from an exasperated mum of an 18 month old girl. She wanted my help, but after being to sleep school three times, plus seeing two different sleep consultants, she was obviously hesitant and skeptical. She told me that after all of that, the only things she ended up with were less money and a child who still didn’t sleep!

We had a call to talk about things in more detail and after a few minutes, alarm bells started going off for me and I knew that something wasn’t right with this little girl’s health. I suspected that she was suffering from a sleep disorder so asked a few more questions. I was puzzled to hear that she had already been checked by a paediatrician too!

Through my guidance, this mum finally found a specialist who was able to help her which is so exciting after everything that the two of them have been through.

It saddens me that this little girl slipped through the cracks for so long, but as you can imagine, this mother is thrilled as she finally feels as though she’s been listened to and thoroughly helped.

The reason I’m telling you this story is because when I’m talking to families, you are the voice in the back of my head saying, ‘don’t give advice yet – just ask questions!’ 😉 I can honestly say that THAT is why I have been so successful since starting my business, and why I’ve been able to help so many families who sleep schools and other sleep consultants couldn’t help.

Thank you for your amazing work, I encourage you to keep your high standards for sleep professionals.”