by Mar De Carlo

Child waking up at night?

Here’s a vital key that often goes unnoticed :

There is so much advice about what to do when a child wakes up at night. Often the advice is child centered focused. The most popular responses are to let the child cry in order to learn how to self-soothe to fall back asleep or to pick up the child right away and soothe them until they fall back asleep.

What is not often told to parents is that a vital key to supporting your child’s night time wake ups begin with parents self-regulating prior to any response to their child.

Having an extensive background and experience in yoga therapy, meditation and physical fitness for more than two decades, when it came time to develop a program for sleep consultant professionals in 2011, including an evaluation and self-regulation tools to support parents physical and mental well-being as they prepared to support their child’s sleep, came very naturally.

While our program has reached over 3,232 professionals in 61 countries, many child sleep consultant professionals are still unaware how important and influential a parent’s physical and mental state is when responding to their child at night.

When a parent takes the time to pause, feel the presence of their body, tune into their breath and affirm empowering thoughts, they instinctively attune to their child and are clearly guided for how to best respond to their child in that moment. A co-regulation between parent child begins to happen that provides the child with a sense of calm, safety and an opportunity to also learn how to self-regulate.

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