“Hello Güliz, Since I left our last class early, I couldn’t convey my feelings, thoughts, and thanks to you for teaching the IPHI Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant program in Turkish. First of all, I thank you infinitely for your attention and effort throughout the entire process. Some people may know a lot and be knowledgeable, but they may not have the performance to convey it to others. You are both highly knowledgeable and an educator who can convey it very well to us. Due to my profession, I have received many training, but I had never received such long-term and dedicated training from you and IPHI. Now, when I look back, I can see that you have tried to provide us with even the finest details, that you have really tried not to leave any gaps, and that you have tried to make us fully understand the Holistic Science of Sleep Method by Mar De Carlo. Both your courtesy, your energy, and your warm and friendly approach have made your place very special to me.  I’m glad our paths crossed.” ~Nagi̇han Kostakoglu, Psychologist