I am a Pediatrician. I met IPHI Tukish Instructir, Güliz Gülsever Özsaruhan in an effort to help my little patients who have sleep problems without giving them any medication. I receive training from her about 1 year. I’m incredibly glad to know her. She seems in an unreachable position, even for me, because I’m perfectionist person and always in the effort to be best in my field. She is an excellent self-developed person.
After I complete my education, I see the IPHI Maternity and Child Sleep Certificate as the most valuable Certificate after my University Diploma and Specialization Certificate. You’re doing a great job. One of the most valuable investments I have made to myself is to meet you and receive this training from you Güliz G. Özsaruhan
Dr. Ahmet Özcan, Pediatrician