Tips for Sleeping Well in Hot Weather

Tips for Sleeping Well in Hot Weather by Mar De Carlo, founder of the International Parenting & Health Institute Struggling to sleep well in hot weather is a common issue, and it can be attributed to several physiological and environmental factors that disrupt normal sleep patterns. The human body has a natural circadian rhythm that […]

These Berries Can Improve and Support Your Sleep

by Mar De Carlo Several berries are known for their potential sleep promoting properties due to their rich antioxidant content, anti-inflammatory effects, and other beneficial compounds. Some of the best berries for promoting better sleep include: Cherries: Cherries, particularly tart cherries, have gained attention for their potential sleep-promoting properties. They are naturally rich in melatonin, […]

Is It Healthier For Couples To Sleep In Separate Beds?

by Mar De Carlo  Although, sharing the same bed each night can work and be beneficial for many couples, sleeping in separate beds can be just as beneficial and necessary for other couples.A National Sleep Foundation survey found that as many as 25 percent of couples, 1 in 4 couples reported sleeping in separate beds. To […]