Integrate holistic sleep coaching into your medical or therapy practice

Cohort 16 week Class

Equip yourself with sleep coaching skills to improve the quality of patient care
Are you already established in a coaching career or professional practice you love (supporting clients) and are just looking to add a holistic specialty skill without going through an extensive certification program?

Incorporating coaching skills into a medical or therapy practice can contribute to more effective, patient-centered care, better health outcomes, and enhanced professional satisfaction.

As the healthcare landscape evolves towards a more patient-centric model, these skills become increasingly valuable for medical and therapy professionals aiming to provide comprehensive and holistic care.

Designed for medical and therapy professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, sleep technicians, pharmacists, psychologists, pyschiatrists, hypnotherapists, naturopaths, midwives etc., this course offers a comprehensive and transformative learning experience that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the quality of care you provide to your patients in the context of sleep health.

This course is designed to lead to a profound transformation in your abilities and approaches within your medical or therapy practices.

Our course was created and designed to prepare professionals to work with, address, and resolve a variety of adolescent and adult sleep issues ranging from insomnia to anxiety to chronic pain through an in depth evaluation of health and lifestyle applying our Holistic Science of Sleep Method. 

What you’ll get out of this course

Effective Coaching Technique

Students will develop advanced coaching techniques that allow them to effectively assess and address sleep issues. This includes communication skills, motivational interviewing, and goal-setting strategies to work collaboratively with patients.

Holistic Approach

The course instills a holistic approach known as the “holistic science of sleep method” to sleep coaching, helping to uncover the root cause of sleep challenges and emphasizing that sleep is not an isolated issue but interconnected with various aspects of a person’s life.

Comprehensive Patient Support

Students will acquire the skills necessary to offer ongoing support to patients throughout their sleep improvement journey. This involves uncovering the root cause, tracking progress, adjusting strategies, and providing support, resulting in a significant patient transformation.

Patient Empowerment

Coaching focuses on empowering individuals to take control of their health and make informed decisions.Coaching techniques, encourage patients to become active participants in their care, leading to better adherence to treatment plans and healthier lifestyle.

Improved Patient-Practitioner Communication

Coaching skills emphasize active listening, empathy, and effective communication. Practitioners who integrate these skills can build better rapport with their patients, which leads to improved trust and cooperation, making patients more likely to follow treatment plans.

Behavioral Change Support

Sleep challenges require patients to make significant health and lifestyle changes. Coaching skills help you guide patients through the process of behavioral change, setting achievable goals and providing ongoing support to increase the likelihood of success.

Personalized Care

Coaching encourages you to consider patients as unique individuals with their own needs and preferences. This leads to more personalized and patient-centered care, which can result in more effective treatment plans and better health outcomes.

Chronic Disease Management

Sleep challenges related to chronic diseases often require long-term management. Coaching skills can assist you in helping patients manage these conditions more effectively by providing ongoing support, motivation, and problem-solving strategies.

Stress Reduction

Coaching can help patients manage stress, which is often a significant factor in various health conditions. Coaching can provide stress-reduction techniques and coping strategies, leading to improved patient well-being.

Preventative Care

Coaching can be a valuable tool for preventive care. You can work with patients to set health and wellness goals, identify risk factors, and develop strategies to prevent illness before it occurs.

Enhanced Diagnostic Abilities

Students will develop more refined diagnostic skills for identifying the root cauase of sleep challenges They will gain the ability to customize questionnaire and ntake forms, recognize often overlooked details and collaborate with other specialists in multidisciplinary care.

Time Efficiency

Coaching skills can help you address patients’ concerns more efficiently. By understanding the patient’s needs and collaborating on solutions, doctors can streamline the diagnostic and treatment process.

Reduction in Burnout

By adopting a more patient-centered and empathetic approach,you can reduce the risk of burnout. Improved relationships with patients and a sense of making a meaningful impact on their health can lead to greater job satisfaction and reduced stress.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Patients tend to have a more positive experience when they feel heard, respected, and actively engaged in their care. Integrating coaching skills can lead to higher patient satisfaction, which can, in turn, improveyour reputation and practice growth.

Personal and Professional Fulfillment

Practitioners who use coaching skills may experience greater personal and professional fulfillment. The ability to facilitate positive change in patients’ lives can be rewarding and can lead to a higher sense of purpose in their medical and therapy careers.

Course syllabus

01 Introduction

Holistic sleep coaching with the Holistic Scence of Sleep Method and its’ relationship to psychoneuroimmunology and scientific research to support your medical and therapy practice.

02 The Role of Coaching and Sleep Coaching

03 Coaching and Consulting Protocol

04 Holistic Science of Sleep Method

05 Holistically Working With Questionnaires

06 Sleep Psychology: Core Beliefs, Identity and Language

07 Sleep Health: Physical- Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Managment

08 Sleep Health: Environmental

09 Sleep Health: Mental & Emotional

10 Sleep Health: Lifestyle & Social

11 Teen Sleep

12 Pregnancy and Postpartum Sleep

13 Infant & Child Sleep

14 Sleep As We Age

15 Medical Conditions that Affect Sleep

16 The Role of Sleep Aids

17 Post Course: Review, Reflection and Q&A

18 Bonus: Case Study Examples

Holistic Child Sleep 

Add a holistic child sleep specialty to your skillset without going through an extensive certification program

Learn the Holistic Approach to Child Sleep we pioneered in 2012  that Begins Before Baby is Born based on our founder Mar De Carlo’s  Holistic Science of Sleep Method and book “Awakening Through Sleep.”

Work with, address and resolve a variety of pregnancy and child sleep issues holistically. 

Who is a Specialization Program NOT designed for?

This program is not designed for people who want to turn child sleep coaching into an exclusive career. It’ designed for established profesionals who do not want to change their career and just want to receive additional education to enhance their skills in their current profession as doctor, nurse, doula, personal trainer etc. If you do not have an established professional practice in another complimentary field, are not working with clients and if you do not have any consulting experience, this program is not designed for you.

Our adult sleep specialty program provides established professionals working in complimentary fields, continuing education and tools for adult sleep but does not go into comprehensive depth to train you for a child sleep coaching career. If you want to receive an in depth comprehensive training as well as a certification, visit our Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program. 

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