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Learn from the First and Top International Organization Established in 2009 Who Pioneered the Baby Planner, Holistic Sleep Consultant and Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach Certification Programs, Globally Represented in 61 Countries.

Sleep Consultant Certification
Sleep Consultant Certification

Child Sleep Consultant

Eco-Consultant Certification


Baby Planner Certification

Baby Planner

Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach Certification

Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach

Breastfeeding Educator Certification

Breastfeeding Educator

Holistic Parenting & Health Practitioner

Holistic Parenting & Health Practitioner

Learn From A Top International Well-Established Organization

Representing The Finest Holistic Professionals

We are valued worldwide amongst medical and therapy professionals for advancing parenting and health education since 2009. Become a Top-Notch Certified Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant, Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, Baby Planner, Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition Coach and Integrative Breastfeeding Educator or Join our Holistic Coach Business Mastermind. Community Presently, IPHI is making a significant impact on the world by offering innovative online courses that encompass a wide range of holistic coaching and business subjects. Our education empowers individuals to realize their professional and personal aspirations while nurturing their physical, mental, and financial well-being.

Leading Holistic Sleep Consultant Certification Programs

Holistic Sleep, Parenting & Nutrition Coaching Certifications

Finding a career you’re passionate about is the best feeling ever! Growing and expanding a business that positively impacts lives to overcome challenges, grow, heal and flourish, while developing work-life management, focusing on self-care, and achieving financial freedom is even better! Being of service and giving back to those in need is priceless.

Create a Meaningful Career through Holistic and Transformative Training, Education and Global Support. Become an influential leader and build a life where your passion positively transforms lives and evolves humanity while supporting your livelihood.

At the International Parenting and Health Institute™, if you are seeking a professional parenting or health coach career, you’ll receive holistic evidence-based education, support and business training through our online courses that will allow you to start a successful coaching or consulting business as a baby planner, eco-consultant, adult sleep coach, pregnancy and child sleep consultant, pre-postnatal nutrition coach, breastfeeding educator, health and lifestyle coach, and much more. We guide you step-by-step to develop a practice or to apply your training to further your current career journey.

If you are seeking support and education to help you or your loved ones overcome any health or parenting challenges, we provide a variety of educational classes and support groups. International Parenting & Health Institute aims to directly offer struggling parents and non-parents, who are seeking support to help them overcome a variety of health and lifestyle challenges they face throughout their parenting and non-parenting journey with premium evidence based, quality online educational classes.

Our educational continuum is designed assist, empower and deliver effective long-term results. Our online learning format allows for our participants to easily connect and learn globally from the comfort of their home. In our efforts to be as accessible as possible to those in need, our parenting and non-parenting class-based programs and support groups will be free of charge for pregnant teens, domestic violence and child abuse survivors and donation based for the underserved community.

Sleep Consultant Certification

Our Notable Contributions

We are proud to be known as the first organization to:

Introduce the first Baby Planner certification program in 2009 to the Baby Planner professional industry and launch the first Baby Planner professional book titled “The Baby Planner: A Guide to Becoming a Baby Planner and Starting Your Own Business.”

Introduce and launch an Eco-Maternity Consultant & Greenbirth Educator certification program in 2010, expanding coaching professionals knowledge and skillset for non-toxic living.

Introduce the first Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant Certification in 2012 to the Child Sleep Consultant industry and the first Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification in 2015, raising an incredible amount of awareness to vital subjects that, at the time, were not being considered by the majority of sleep consultant professionals or evaluated as part of the child sleep consultant-client relationship. This led our founder, Mar De Carlo to introduce our Holistic Science of Sleep Method for Adult & Child Sleep and write her book “Awakening Through Sleep”.

Introduce and launch the first Holistic Childbirth Educator program in 2014, covering all the topics found in childbirth education in addition to introducing and raising awareness a variety of vital topics not typically found in childbirth education such as the importance of greening your pregnancy, birth and postpartum environment in order to understand environmental causes and effects beneficial to optimizing mom and baby’s health; pregnancy sleep and newborn sleep, postpartum plan and much more.

Introduce and launch an integrative Pre-Post Natal Nutrition Coach Certification program in 2013, expanding coaching professionals holistic nutrition knowledge and skillset for working with clients throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

Create a non-profit organization. International Parenting & Health Institute for Single Mothers, creating a world where under-resourced single mothers receive help, education, tools and the inspiration they need to improve their overall well-being, get better sleep, and live to their fullest potential, in order to healthfully support themselves and their children.

IPHI is right for you if...

You are truly passionate about helping clients in the most powerful life changing way with proven positive and healthy long term solutions

You want to learn from an experienced, highly talented faculty who provides students and graduates with a wealth of support

You are inspired by the most holistic, comprehensive and life changing curriculum that has trained doctors, midwives, naturopaths, pharmacists, behavioral therapists etc.

Your views and philosophies are holistic, integrative and you want to help empower families to do what is best for THEM using a customized approach

You are committed to building a solid long lasting business that you’ll be proud of

You love working within a diverse talented community of professionals who uplift and empower each other

You resonate with a Team Led approach

You see solutions rather than problems

You care about high quality standard certification process and value the strength of the organization that has been well established since 2009 …

Benefits of Certifying Through IPHI

Graduate From a Credible Accredited Educational Institute

IPHI (formerly IMPI), remains the industry leader in parenting and health education. Well established since 2009, we are the first accredited organization to pioneer and introduce a holistic team-based approach and integrate a variety of valuable subjects to each of our programs. We have a great reputation, strong standards and with our certification logo you can feel proud.

Rest Assured From Our Proven Track Record

IPHI has over 3,250 international graduates in 61 countries around the globe who have completed our sleep coach certification, baby planner certification and nutrition coach certification programs, preparing them for a rewarding and transformational career. Our programs are offered in 9 different languages.

Get Educated by a Highly Skilled & Talented Faculty

Our talented faculty has a wealth of experience, training and professional mastery in their field in addition to providing a wealth of support and mentorship to our students and graduates.

Business Mastery and Personal Development

IPHI provides includes comprehensive business training to expand your professional development as well as health and lifestyle tips to support your personal development so you can show up most powerfully for your business.

Benefit from Mentorship, Support Calls and Group Forums

We offer an incredible amount of support. We have maintained a high reputation for the quality of support we provide our students and graduates through mentorship, support calls and group forums.

Gain Professional Mastery from Industry Experts

IPHI provides the most comprehensive training like no other. Each of our certification programs have introduced subjects and perspectives that have been life changing for our participants and the clients they work with.

No Annual Membership or Licensing Fees

We follow reputable certification industry standards and do not charge licensing fees to maintain our certification. Rather we support your continued education by requiring you to renew your certification every two years so that you stay up to date with the latest research and education. The only fee is a small application fee.

Receive Training by a Well-Established Talented Experienced Life & Business Strategist, Pioneer & Accomplished Parenting & Health Master

IPHI’s founder, Mar De Carlo is also the founder of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals, Business Sanctuary and Physical Awakening Yoga School. She has a wealth of training and experience, over 25 years and is known for her creative, cutting edge and integrative approach connecting and bridging systems in a variety of industries across the globe that have transformed thousands of lives in 61 countries. She has developed premium quality level evidenced based holistic curriculums. She educates and trains professionals to start, expand and grow businesses that transform lives through a unique holistic integrative approach which she introduced and pioneered to all the companies she has founded. This includes supporting professionals to personally develop and overcome challenges while accomplishing their business, personal and financial goals. Clients enjoy working with her because of her strong optimistic mindset, boundless energy, practical solutions and empowering holistic approach that has been proven effective and long term. Doctors, Naturopaths, Midwives, Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Behavioral Therapists are just a few examples of the many professionals, Mar has trained. In addition, she is also highly skilled with professional industry standards, scope and boundaries to practice and business mastery. Many have been so inspired by Mar that they have gone on to follow in her footsteps. To learn details about Mar’s credentialing and experience, Click Here

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睡眠が気分、記憶、パフォーマンスを向上させる理由 マー・デ・カルロ著 定期的な運動と適切な栄養摂取に加え、適切な睡眠時間で質の高い睡眠を安定してとることは、私たちの健康維持に欠かせません。 睡眠は人間の機能を最適化するために不可欠であり、学習、記憶、気分、パフォーマンスに重要な役割を果たします。 心身の健康を維持するためには、平均して毎晩7〜8時間の質の高い睡眠が必要とされています。 私たちが眠っている間、脳と身体は決してそうではありません。 これまで、睡眠は単なる休息、あるいはあまりとらなくてもよいものと考えられていましたが、現在では非常に重要な機能があることが明らかになっています。 睡眠時、身体は様々な段階とサイクルを経て、全身の健康を支えるために必要な再生が促進されます。 睡眠は、情報を処理し、新しい経路を形成することで、健康な脳機能をサポートします。 睡眠は、記憶と学習に不可欠な、経験を記憶と神経回路に定着させるのを助ける。 また、睡眠と気分は密接に関係しています。 良い睡眠は、良い気分に貢献します。 一方、睡眠不足は気分を大きく変え、ストレスに対処する能力を低下させ、その結果、怒り、欲求不満、イライラ、不安、抑うつなどのネガティブな気分を増大させる可能性があります。 さらに、睡眠不足は気分障害の発症リスクを高め、その一因となる可能性もあります。 起きているときの身体的なパフォーマンスの高さは、睡眠の良し悪しで決まります。 睡眠は、スピード、正確さ、反応速度に良い影響を与えます。 これは、睡眠によって心臓や血管系が休まり、成長促進ホルモンの分泌が活性化され、筋肉が増強され、体内の細胞や組織が修復されるからです。 その結果、免疫力を高め、病気になるのを防いだり、病気になったときに早く回復させることができるのです。 ほとんどの人がぐっすり眠れるのはなぜそんなに難しいのですか? 多くの人が良質な睡眠を得ることが難しいのには、さまざまな理由があります。

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睡眠如何增強情緒、記憶力和表現 瑪律.德卡羅報導 除了定期運動和適當的營養外,擁有穩定的睡眠品質和適量的睡眠對我們的整體健康和福祉至關重要。 睡眠對於最佳人體功能至關重要,在學習、記憶、情緒和表現方面起著重要作用。 普通人每晚需要七到八個小時的優質睡眠,以保持最佳的身心健康。 當我們睡覺時,我們的大腦和身體永遠不會這樣做。 以前認為只是休息或你可以逃脫的東西,沒有太多,現在很明顯,睡眠有一些非常關鍵的功能。 當您睡覺時,您的身體會經歷一系列階段和週期,以促進支援您的整體健康所必需的再生。 睡眠通過處理資訊和形成新的途徑來支援健康的大腦功能。 睡眠有助於將經驗整合到記憶和神經通路中,這對記憶和學習至關重要。 睡眠和情緒也密切相關。 良好的睡眠有助於營造良好的心情。 另一方面,睡眠不佳會顯著改變你的情緒;降低您應對壓力的能力,從而增加負面情緒,如憤怒,沮喪,煩躁,焦慮和抑鬱。 此外,睡眠不足會增加患上某些情緒障礙的風險,甚至可能在其中發揮作用。 當你清醒時,你的身體表現取決於你的睡眠情況。 睡眠對速度、準確性和反應時間有積極的影響。 這是因為睡眠可以讓你的心臟和血管系統休息,並激活產生生長的激素的釋放,從而建立肌肉品質並修復體內的細胞和組織。 因此,它可以增強您的免疫系統,防止您生病或在生病時説明您更快地恢復。 為什麼大多數人很難睡個好覺? 對於大多數人來說,很難睡個好覺的原因有很多。

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