Intrinsic Parenting 

Montessori At Home



Ready to Take Your Parenting to the Next Level?

  • Empower your family by gaining decades of research and practices on Montessori parenting and education.
  • This parenting course will empower, inspire, and liberate that conscious parent from within
  • Design, construct, and maintain
  • Foster independence through a well-prepared environment to meet the child’s developmental need

Class description:

The objective of this course is to support parents to successfully implement montessori in the home while providing evidence-based data that is proven to make an impact in children’s developmental early years through Montessori education.

Intrinsic parenting offers parents an online platform (space) to learn about comprehensive Montessori pedagogy. This 18 module self-study will allow parents to fully understand the history and benefits of Montessori, children’s developmental crucial stages, breaking cycles, the role of the adult, how to prepare the environment and much more; ultimately finding the root-cause to their children’s behavior. As parents, having such knowledge allows us to guide the child in the most optimal and ideal way. This will turn the battle and hardship of parenting into a smooth and collaborative dance between you (the guide) and the child.

Culminating this program, you will feel confident and knowledgeable —-you will be ready to identify the child’s internal needs and apply practical exercises at home. 

In addition, this course offers individual and group coaching calls!

Class schedule:

Self-study course with add on option for private individual/ group coaching call


$399  $250 promotional Price

Your Instructor

Maria Bautista

Maria’s love, passion and purpose is the drive that allows her to move seemingly in the world of education. She holds an Associate’s degree in Early childhood education, a Bachelor’s degree with a foundation in Montessori education, and a Masters in Organizational leadership.

In addition to the accomplishments mentioned above, Maria also has her AMI Montessori Assistance to Infancy diploma, an Infant Massage/Instructor certification, and a Holistic Maternity and Child Sleep certification.

Maria is now a stay-at-home mother to two toddlers. Prior to devoting time to her family at home, Maria spent a decade teaching at an AMI Montessori school serving children from fifteen months to thirty-six months of age.

In addition, Maria offers parent-consultations to caregivers where she focuses on each family dynamic and personalizing their needs to reach their family’s goal. She believes in the power of teamwork to uncover the child’s fullest potential.

In her spare times, she loves to go on nature walks and enjoys family gatherings.

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