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Daily Flash Show:

Why is it so hard for most people to get a good night’s sleep?

Mar De Carlo:

There are many specific individual reasons why it is so hard for most people to get a good night’s sleep.

However, we can consider two main categories:

First, a shift in environmental and social conditions that began as early as the 17th century but became prominent through the industrial revolution and the introduction of artificial light in the home, work and community environment. These conditions include: light, noise, temperature, air quality, bedding and technology.

Second, health and lifestyle behaviors inhibiting sleep such as suboptimal breathing, nutritional deficiencies, increase of stress (body is in constant fight or flight), sedentary lifestyle, cultural attitudes and beliefs of work hard/play hard, lack of routine, nervous system dysregulation and emotional dysregulation.

Daily Flash Show:

What can we do about it?

Mar De Carlo:

“While people need a customized solution specifically addressing the areas of their environment, health and lifestyle that are inhibiting their ability to have optimal sleep, I included top tips which can be a great starting point:

A few tips you can start with to begin your journey toward optimal sleep and healthy living:



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