Holistic Pregnancy and Child Sleep Consultant

Do you dream of starting your own sleep consulting business to work with families during and after pregnancy to help them overcome a variety of sleep issues without needing to resort to sleep training?

Incorporating coaching skills into a medical or therapy practice can contribute to more effective, patient-centered care, better health outcomes, and enhanced professional satisfaction. We are the first international organization to pioneer a Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep approach  in 2011.

Our Holistic Approach:

Sleep training approaches sleep from a behavioral perspective, that is usually child centered focused whether it is a parent-led sleep training approach or baby-led (gentle) sleep training approach. Our holistic science of sleep method approach on the other hand is team centered focused approach that supports parents needs as much as the child’s needs and in fact connects parents behaviors and lifestyles with their child’s. A child sleep challenge is a family sleep challenge that involves thoroughly evaluating and supporting the entire family which sleep training methods are not designed to do.

Sleep training methods often overlook the whole picture, including pregnancy experience, birth experience, postpartum experience, work-life management, relationships and connections, child development, child psychology, support and physical/mental health of everyone in the family.

While sleep training methods focus on behavior strategies to meet sleep needs, our Holistic Science of Sleep Method focuses on health and lifestyle strategies that influence behavior leading to optimal sleep.

Rather than choosing a baby led vs parent led approach, we support a team led approach that addresses and supports everyone’s needs in the entire family dynamic.

Introducing the first developed, launched and one of its’ kind Holistic Approach to Child Sleep that Begins Before Baby is Born based on our founder Mar De Carlo’s Holistic Science of Sleep Method and book “Awakening Through Sleep.”

Sleep Consultant Certification
Awakening Through Sleep Book

“Our children’s bodies do not need to technically be “trained” to sleep. By nature’s design, human bodies are already programmed to sleep and will do so if we support the process. Our job is to find out what is getting in the way.” ~ Mar De Carlo

Children go through various stages of sleep development similarly to walking, eating, talking etc…and most often there are many health and lifestyle factors, in addition to unrealistic expectations parents are unaware of getting in the way sleep.”

The HSS Method does not believe in a “one size fits all” or “sleep training” approach to sleep consulting. Instead we use what our founder Mar has coined as “Sleep Optimizing” strategies to thoroughly investigate and address imbalances in optimal human function (physical, mental, emotional) and external forces (social, cultural, environmental) that inhibit sleep and may lead to adult and child sleep challenges during pregnancy, parenting during infancy and beyond.

By examining the entire context for sleep – the physical, emotional, social, developmental and environmental factors – we  address the sleep needs for the family with a minimum of frustration for both parents and children and teach our sleep consultants not only to understand the natural factors that regulate and influence sleep through a child’s various stages of development but also learning from the child. Often parents and professionals rely so heavily and get hyper focused on books and rigid methods that they overlook what their child is teaching them about sleep. The child is also a book that is providing us information we must consistently learn from. Children teach and guide us just as much as we do them. We just have to tune in. 

Our Curriculum Includes:

In addition you will also learn:

Learn how to solve sleep challenges through “sleep optimizing” strategies that do not involve the use of sleep training methods.

Learn how to solve sleep challenges through “sleep optimizing” strategies that do not involve the use of sleep training methods.

Learn how to solve sleep challenges through “sleep optimizing” strategies that do not involve the use of sleep training methods.

Learn how to solve sleep challenges through “sleep optimizing” strategies that do not involve the use of sleep training methods.

Here are a few compelling reasons why our Certification can greatly benefit you:

Invaluable Expertise

A Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Certification will provide you with in-depth knowledge of child sleep patterns, sleep disorders, and effective sleep coaching strategies. This expertise will allow you to better serve your clients by addressing their concerns about infant sleep, ultimately enhancing their overall birthing and postpartum experiences.

Comprehensive Support

Many parents struggle with sleep-related challenges when welcoming a new member into their family. As a certified sleep expert through IPHI, you’ll be equipped to provide comprehensive support, helping parents establish healthy sleep routines for their babies. This, in turn, will lead to happier, well-rested families and more satisfied clients.

Enhanced Credibility

Earning a Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Certification will boost your credibility. It demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and your dedication to providing the best care possible for your clients. This increased credibility can lead to more referrals and a stronger professional reputation.

Diversified Services

Offering child sleep coaching services as a new business or in addition to your established business services can help you diversify your offerings and reach a broader audience. It’s an excellent way to meet the evolving needs of parents who are seeking comprehensive support during the postpartum period.

Personal Fulfillment

Helping parents and newborns get the sleep they need is immensely rewarding. The satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a positive impact on a family’s well-being is a feeling like no other.

Business Growth

The Child Sleep Certification can be a catalyst for business growth. As more parents recognize your expertise, you’re likely to attract more clients, leading to an expanded and thriving practice.

Learn from an international trusted source with a long track record of success

IPHI launched the first Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant Certification developed by Founder, Mar De Carlo, in 2012 to the Child Sleep Consultant industry, raising an incredible amount of awareness to vital subjects that, at the time, were not being considered by the majority of sleep consultant professionals or evaluated as part of the child sleep consultant-client relationship. This led Mar to introduce our Holistic Science of Sleep Method for Adult & Child Sleep and Write her Book, “Awakening Through Sleep”. We are the first organization to pioneer a holistic no sleep training team based approach in 2012 that begins during pregnancy, extends to toddler and includes a strong focus on parental/caregiver physical and emotional wellbeing.

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