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Anxious Client

Introduction to Holistically Working with the Anxious Client

According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (AADA), anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.

This one and a half hour introductory webinar of our series has been created for pregnancy, parenting, health and lifestyle coaching professionals who do not have an extensive therapy background, come across highly anxious clients and are seeking tools to help support their clients for optimal results while using our holistic approach.

Our webinar will also provide tools to help professionals manage and overcome their own anxiety when faced with a challenging client, allowing space for the coaching relationship to thrive.

The topics covered in our webinar include: understanding the role of anxiety, identifiable signs and symptoms, the cycle of anxiety (and how it can be reversed), supporting the highly anxious client mentally, emotionally, and physically while being aware of when it is best to refer out to a professional for specialized assistance.

CE Certificate of Completion available upon course completion.

Price $99

Learning and Applying the Holistic Science of Sleep Method: Designed for Parents and Professionals

Learn the Holistic Approach to Child Sleep that Begins Before Baby is Born based on our founder Mar De Carlo’s Holistic Science of Sleep Method and book “Awakening Through Sleep.”

Mar says, “Our bodies do not need to technically be “trained” to sleep. By nature’s design, human bodies are already programmed to sleep and will do so if we support the process and uncover what is getting in the way. “

The HSS Method does not believe in a “one size fits all”  approach to sleep consulting. Instead we use what our founder Mar has coined as “Sleep Optimizing” strategies to thoroughly investigate and address imbalances in optimal human function (physical, mental, emotional) and external forces (social, cultural, environmental) that inhibit sleep and may lead to adult and child sleep challenges during pregnancy, parenting during infancy and beyond.

This self-paced program consists of 10 modules and will examine the entire context for sleep – the physical, emotional, social, developmental and environmental factors – and learn to understand the natural factors that regulate and influence sleep through a various stages of human development development.

Often parents and professionals rely so heavily and get hyper focused on books and rigid methods that they overlook what their body or their child’s body is teaching them about sleep. 

You will learn:

  • How to solve sleep challenges through “sleep optimizing” strategies that do not involve the use of “one size fits all” methods.
  • Understand how to uncover the root of each sleep challenge that inhibits the body’s natural ability to sleep.
  • Understand and  consider what underlies adult and children behaviors and temperaments in the context of sleep to discover the root of the sleep challenge, respond to a range of sleep goals, and identify and discuss factors that may impact healthy sleep habits.
  • How to work with pregnancy sleep in order to support mom and baby’s sleep and take preventative measures to prepare for child sleep.
  • How to address key issues through thorough investigative work, discovering the root that may be contributing to sleep disruption rather than jumping too quickly to implement a “one size fits all” approach. 
  • The scientific and natural foundations of sleep, how it works in our modern day living.
  • Understand the interplay between the science of sleep, the behavior of sleep, lifestyle, beliefs and the emotional well-being component of sleep.
  • Understand how nutrition affects sleep.
  • Understand how lifestyle, energy, expectations and behavior affects sleep.
  • Learn how birth trauma and secure attachment affects sleep.
  • Learn how an eco-lifestyle affects sleep.   

Please note:

This webinar is for educational purposes only and does not qualify or certify anyone to be a holistic sleep consultant coach. You do not learn how to coach or consult clients during this webinar. You learn how to use and apply Mar De Carlo’s Holistic Science of Sleep Method to your life.


One Time Payment $895

Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $375

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Management

Welcome to our Conflict Resolution for professionals series where you will learn information and tools on how to proactively and reactively work with and resolve conflict in your working relationships.

LEVEL ONE (Launching June 15 2020)

The modules in this level 1 series include:

Module 1 – Introduction to Conflict and Conflict Style

Module 2-  Trust and Relationship building with Our Clients

Module 3 – Getting to the root of the conflict

Module 4 – Conflict Resolution Strategies

This series will share with you how our childhood shapes our skills to resolve conflict, and what we can do as adults to change and optimize these skills. It will share the conflict styles, cultures role in conflict, strategies to help build  the trust with your client, the role of stress and emotional/cognitive/physical response in conflict, the power and skill of emotional regulation, strategies in working with a challenging client and more. Questions are asked throughout the modules to allow you to go deeper into yourself and your style of conflict resolution making this both an educational and reflective series.

Price $299.00

LEVEL TWO (Launching July 15 2020)

Level 2 is an advanced conflict resolution series which dives deeper into conflict resolution strategies. This series includes the following:

Module 1- Processing negative feedback from a client

Module 2- Setting Boundaries in Client work

Module 3- Managing conflict on the phone or in person

Module 4 – Conflict and Social Media

Module 5 – Conflict and email communication

Module 6 – conflict and self care


Conflict resolution is as much, if not more, about proactive management versus reactive management. This level will provide further in depth information and strategies in each module to better prepare the professional in multiple areas of potential conflicts with the goal of creating an optimal or ideal working relationship.

Price $595.00

Please note: These conflict resolution courses are for educational purposes, and do not alone certify individuals to become “Conflict Coaches” .

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