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In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us, the amazing Mar De Carlo. Mar has always had a passion for helping people and seeing them thrive, and this drive led them on an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth. As an avid researcher and question-asker, Mar realized that there was room for improvement not only in themselves but also in the companies they worked for. This realization sparked a passion for health and parenting and the recognition that Mar had a unique perspective to contribute to these areas.

Join us as Mar shares their journey, from identifying needs and opportunities in the industry to expanding their program to include teaching in multiple languages. We’ll dive into their transition from the health and fitness industry to the world of parenting, their main focus now, and their groundbreaking parenting certification program. Mar also reveals the challenges they faced as a single parent, navigating through pregnancy and the postpartum period, and how they utilized their skills and training to overcome anxiety and fear. We’ll explore their efforts to establish boundaries and credibility in the baby planning profession, with the creation of the International Academy of Baby Planners and a certification program and the International parenting & Health Institute.

But Mar’s impact doesn’t stop there. They saw an opportunity to train others to make a difference in their respective industries, leading to the development of a comprehensive coaching program. We’ll uncover the ins and outs of this program, from teaching effective coaching strategies to guiding participants through personal development. And don’t miss out on Mar’s insights into the importance of continuous learning, the power of networking and collaboration, and the value of customer feedback for business growth. Join us as we delve into Mar De Carlo’s inspiring journey and learn how they are revolutionizing the fields of parenting, coaching, and much more. Get ready for an episode filled with wisdom, empowerment, and actionable insights.

Let’s dive in!

Timestamps: [00:00:00]

Intro [00:02:05]

Pregnancy led to entrepreneurial journey, combining expertise. [00:05:40]

Home or hospital? Need support, resources, self-care. [00:08:37]

Teachers annoyed me in school; I’m proactive. Concerned for families, industry, and clarity. [00:11:33]

Tenacity triumphs, hurdles conquerable, patience paramount. [00:15:43]

Networking and collaborating means giving and receiving. [00:18:09]

Opportunities arose, but wanted to prioritize motherhood. [00:20:51]

“People reached out wanting to learn from me.” [00:23:33]

Industry needs identified, organization expands languages taught. [00:26:44]

Examining industries, their history, controversies, and coaching techniques. [00:33:03]

Instagram is our main platform for engagement. [00:35:13]

Commitment and dedication are crucial for success. [00:36:55]

Hustle culture tough, prioritize self-care for success. ——————————————– ⭐

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