Kim West

Kim holds certifications as an Integrative Sleep Coach for Adults, Hypnotherapist, Integrative Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Havening Techniques Practitioner. This extensive skill set has helped clients optimize their sleep and improve their holistic well-being with efficiency and lasting results. Her extensive expertise ensures an effective journey from your current state to your desired state of being.

Sleep holds paramount importance in Kim's practice, as it underpins every self-improvement goal imaginable. It surpasses even food and water in its significance for survival. Poor sleep not only drains energy and productivity but also correlates with various physical, social, emotional, and mental health challenges.

Kim's holistic coaching approach is tailored to your individual needs, incorporating science-based techniques like Havening Touch to overcome obstacles hindering self-improvement goals. Together, you'll cultivate beneficial habits, shed unproductive thought patterns, and develop relaxation and stress management skills, drawing from a deep well of motivation and inner strength.

Kim draws from personal experiences, including overcoming insomnia and life challenges, to guide clients towards success. She derives joy from sparing others the trial and error she faced, before sleep or life coaches were even in existence. Kim understands the frustrations of self-improvement setbacks and aims to help clients break free from cyclical, yo-yo patterns.

Regardless of the complexity of your sleep or self-improvement obstacles, Kim can help you achieve optimal rest and vitality. Clear thinking, heightened productivity, and full living await with professional guidance along the way.

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Kim West
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