Integrative Breastfeeding Educator Certification Course 

A holistic approach to establishing healthy breastfeeding relationships that begin during preconception and continue through the stage of weaning

Our Approach

This program prepares you to become professional breastfeeding educators with a unique perspective that integrates traditional, evidence-based lactation education with additional integrative modalities such as functionally-based nutrition, healthy sleep, and stress management throughout the breastfeeding journey. Our focus is on a holistic approach to establishing healthy breastfeeding relationships that begin during preconception and continue through the stage of weaning. Our Integrative Breastfeeding Educators fill an important role in promoting healthy breastfeeding relationships by educating, supporting and counseling families in response to their individual needs.

The IPHI does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to providing breastfeeding education to our clients. We realize that sometimes there are other solutions beyond traditional lactation management that can help facilitate a successful outcome, which is the reason behind our integrative approach.

Our Integrative Breastfeeding Educator certification program is unique because it not only builds on the foundations of lactation education basics covering topics such as the basic anatomy and physiology of lactation, early attachment of the infant, common breastfeeding problems and solutions, the importance of human milk, expression of breastmilk, and so much more – but it also focuses attention on the importance of whole foods nutrition, food sensitivities in the breastfed baby, starting solid foods, promoting holistic sleep solutions while also supporting the breastfeeding relationship, maternal stress and its impact while breastfeeding, and integrative and complementary therapies in addition to the overall health and wellness of the mother-baby dyad.


All of our courses are taught online. All you need is Internet access to login and be part of each class.

Self-Directed: all sessions are pre-recorded and you are given access to the new modules as you complete each one. You will email your instructor, or attend a weekly/monthly conference-call with the instructor, to ask any questions you may have as needed.


The IPHI Integrative Breastfeeding Educator Certification Program:

Our program is a combination of online sixteen self-directed study modules and optional online calls to support your journey. Calls are recorded so you may listen if you cannot attend. You will also have access to our private online Facebook group where you will get to interact with our graduates and members represented in countries throughout the world.

Our program has been designed for birth, postpartum and health professionals who desire to begin or expand their knowledge and career working with breastfeeding families to provide integrative lactation education, support and resources in order to specifically meet their breastfeeding goals. This is a wonderful addition for any maternity/parenting professional who is currently working with lactating moms and is a wonderful complimentary program for sleep consultants, doulas, baby planners, newborn care specialists, pre and post natal yoga instructors, health coaches, family coaches, parenting coaches, nutritionists and more.

Graduates from the IPHI Integrative Breastfeeding Educator Certification program are trained:

  • Integrative Breastfeeding Educators (NOTE: this course does not grant IBCLC status)
  • With an integrative holistic and healthy approach to breastfeeding using the foundations of lactation management.
  • To be a part of the first breastfeeding education program that offers an integrative approach and includes topics such as holistic and functional nutrition, maternal & infant sleep, psychology of stress, impact of birth trauma and secure attachment on breastfeeding, emotional well-being, a traditional approach to introducing solids, and complementary therapies to support breastfeeding.
  • Our program provides you the resources and tools to understand the various methodologies and when to apply them, if and when it may be necessary.
  • In family dynamics, temperaments, and lifestyles that may affect the breastfeeding outcome.
  • To offer an objective approach with families in order to develop healthy breastfeeding relationships that are age and developmentally appropriate for their clients’ needs, lifestyle, and values.
  • To support, educate and prepare families during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum about the benefits of breastfeeding.
  • To educate and raise awareness about health, fitness, nutrition and sleep for mother (pre/postnatal) in relation to breastfeeding.
  • To support parents postpartum with breastfeeding issues during their time of transition.
  • With an understanding of breastfeeding challenges and solutions.
  • With an in-depth look at breast pumps and products that support breastfeeding.
  • With a comprehension of an Integrative Breastfeeding Educator’s scope of practice, boundaries to practice, and when to refer out.
  • To be aware of issues that involve medical attention, such as abuse, trauma and postpartum depression, in order to provide the client the proper guidance and referral.

The IPHI Integrative Breastfeeding Educator Certification Program also includes:

  • Continuing education.
  • A basic guide on how to start or manage your Integrative Breastfeeding Educator Business with an optional add on extended course if needed.
  • Support for breastfeeding educators (both our graduates and current students) through our private online forum to collaborate with and ask lactation specific questions as they arise.
  • Live interaction with the instructors on a weekly basis as needed.
  • A multi-cultural international classroom.
  • Continuous support during and after the course with monthly on-line calls as needed.

The IPHI Integrative Breastfeeding Educator Certification Program Curriculum:

  • The IPHI Breastfeeding Educator
  • Breastfeeding Matters
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Lactation
  • Human Milk
  • Initiating Breastfeeding: Getting the Best Start
  • Establishing Successful Breastfeeding
  • Common Breastfeeding Problems & Concerns
  • Beyond the Latch
  • Maternal Challenges During Lactation
  • Infant Challenges During Lactation
  • Expression of Breastmilk, Pumping & Transitioning Back to Work
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Child Sleep & the Breastfeeding Relationship
  • Medications, Herbs, Illness & Disease During Lactation
  • Network of Support
  • Breastfeeding Education & Promotion
  • Business Basics & Launching your Breastfeeding Career
  • AND much, much more!

Instructor : Rebecca Burditt

Rebecca is a passionate advocate for women’s health and is dedicated to promoting wellness within her family, to her clients, and the global community as a whole. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC), Certified GAPS™ (Gut & Psychology Syndrome™) Practitioner, and Postpartum Doula – along with a multitude of other trainings and certifications she holds – Rebecca is pleased to be a practicing part of the pre- and postnatal holistic living community.

While pursuing her degree in Nutrition Science, Rebecca decided to take her love of health and fitness to the next level. She trained and taught as a Feminine Movement Instructor at S Factor Los Angeles and became formally trained in both classical and contemporary Pilates through Pilates Sports Center in Encino, CA. Passionate about her work, she then continued instructing clients privately and at other movement studios throughout the Los Angeles area for many years.

In 2004 Rebecca became a mom for the first time following the birth of her first son. Although she experienced a relatively easy transition into motherhood, that was certainly not the case four years later following the birth of her triplets. Noticing a serious gap in quality and consistent evidence-based education and support during the prenatal and postpartum period, Rebecca decided to shift her focus and fully immerse herself in the world of preconception, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

In addition to the above mentioned professional titles she currently holds, Rebecca has also studied with the International Parenting & Health Institute since 2013 in both the Maternity Nutrition Coach and the Holistic Maternity & Parenting Health Practitioner certification programs. She passionately does NOT believe in a “one size fits all” approach and for that reason uses a fully integrative approach in her teaching and respects the biodiversity and unique lifestyle of each individual. As a mother who has birthed and breastfeed five children herself, she understands how amazing this period can be with the right kind of education and support. Her goal is to educate, inspire, empower, and support families (all with some fun mixed in) as they transition into parenthood.

Rebecca currently resides in Santa Barbara County, CA with her family and runs her own private wellness practice. She is the founder of Mama Thrive – a space dedicated to providing Holistic Wellness for the WHOLE Family.


  • 1 payment of $995
  • 4 monthly payments of $275


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