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April 14 2020

LOS ANGELES – The International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI) is proud to
announce the re-launch of their new Continuing Education Program, led by their Director of
Continuing Education, Tamara Jurkin. The IPHI Continuing Education Program has been created
to support birth, parenting, health and lifestyle professionals with a variety of online workshops
supportive of expanding education and development in their field. These include and are not
limited to the areas of: Anxiety, Sleep, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Breastfeeding,
Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Newborn Care, Health and Nutrition, Childbirth Education,
Greening, Parenting, Disability, and Business and Law. This leads IPHI to address the needs of a
wide range of professionals, including health coaches, life coaches, doctors, naturopaths,
counselors, therapists, baby planners, sleep consultants, doulas, birth workers, postpartum
workers, nurses, lactation professionals, newborn care specialists, nannies, occupational
therapists, speech language pathologists, and more.

IPHI is kicking off the re-launch of their continuing education program, with the following
programs in April, May and June:

1) An Introduction to Holistically Working with the Anxious Client
2) Learning and Applying the Holistic Science of Sleep Method: Designed for Parents & Professionals
3) Conflict Resolution

Additional webinars and new content will be added regularly throughout the year.
To register for these webinars, suggest a webinar topic and learn more about our program, please
join us online at .

About Tamara Jurkin

Tamara is an International Parenting & Health Institute Certified Sleep Consultant graduate who
holds a degree in Psychology and an Early Childhood Education diploma. Tamara’s educational
background in child development and psychology include courses such as: psychology of
infancy, psychology of middle childhood, family dynamics as well child mental health. To
further complement her background, Tamara has completed the Infant Mental Health course
through Sick Children’s hospital which focuses on mental health from 0-6 years of age.
Tamara is an active member of the International Parenting & Health Institute Admissions Board
and the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. She has worked with young children,
families, and adults in a variety of settings for many years. She has shared her passion for child
education by teaching adult students wishing to enter the Early Childhood Education field. She is
a both member, and mentor of the International Parenting & Health Institute (IPHI) where she
continues to research both child and adult sleep.

Tamara is the founder of Quiet Moments Sleep and a mother herself. She does not utilize any
sleep training methods in her work as per IPHI’s Holistic Science of Sleep Method. She has
successfully implemented our approach which is both holistic and organic in nature while
focusing on the attachment relationship and emotional well-being of the entire family. Though
residing in Canada, Tamara offers sleep services worldwide via phone, email and Skype.

About IPHI

The International Parenting & Health Institute™ (IPHI) “Fulfilled by Purpose: Careers
Driven to Transform Lives & Evolve Humanity,” provides integrative, cutting edge, evidenced
based educational programs, products and services for parenting and health professionals. Our
educational continuum is designed to support and empower today’s parenting, health and
lifestyle professionals.

At the IPHI, you’ll receive holistic education and business training through our online courses
that will allow you to start a successful coaching or consulting business as a baby planner, eco-consultant,
sleep consultant, nutrition coach, breastfeeding educator, stress management coach,
health and lifestyle coach, and much more. We guide you step-by-step to develop a practice or to
apply your training to further your current career journey.

Our mission is to inspire, support, and educate a global network of parenting and health
professionals and parents. It is our desire to provide exceptional service through our integrative,
practical and theoretical training, eco-friendly initiatives, diverse educational programming,
professional networking, and commitment to professionalism.

The Institute is the educational body created by Mar De Carlo with the assistance of a talented
advisory board, faculty, and certifying board that trains students in the variety methods and
practices developed over her twenty-four years of private consulting and business practice.
IPHI’s online learning format allows students from all over the world to acquire the best skills in
their profession and experience the finest, practical and most diverse training program.
IPHI also provides consultation services for corporations, businesses, hospitals, birthing centers,
retailers, and individuals who wish to incorporate our integrative approach in order to
professionally and personally thrive. By increasing the level of knowledge among professionals
and the general public, the IPHI aims to be a leading authority with an integrative approach to
parenting, health and lifestyle.

For more information about the International Parenting & Health Institute, visit

Mar De Carlo, Founder
International Parenting & Health Institute

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